Thursday, March 25, 2010

never TAUNT!!!

taunt refer back to mr.dic it means that making sumone angry or mad..
"don u ever and never taunt!!.. "
that what my ex-chemistry teacher advise me.. the last word from her..
actually theres lot of advices from her..
but this one advice relates to my story that happen for past few days..
back 2 yesterday.. 24th march 2010
they really make me angry..
irritating!! annoying!!
all de bad word cant describe de feelings...
this both boys..
doesnt they know that every person got limit on their patience..
shut up!
and this one boy never felt guilty...
always boast and brag!!
but the truth, he is not brilliant at all!!!
just pretend to be one!!
so da moral of da story..
just keep sweet and short!!

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