Tuesday, November 17, 2009


at last... blogesfera yg lm dak-in abaikan..
since the last week of classes till the end of examination week..
don have the chance to do so..
so much to tell about..
where to start ek...
the last week of classes..
mmg pack giler..
dgn nk siap kn mandarin ny movie..
dgn 2 org ny kepala x byk yg leh di kembg kan..
sgt2 pening pale...
lastly the result was soo fantastic..
mmg bes..
bkn dak-in nk msk bakul angkt sndri..
but its true..
its more then people expected from both of us..
unfortunately i cant upload the movie here coz i don have the copy of it... later k!
then the examination week come at last...
started on 28th oct 2009..
first paper FAR430..
mula2 time study paper 2 dak blurr da wat aku sgt stress.. SENGAL!!
he knows my weakness!!
sgt down time 2.. sib baik mom de..
mak just pesan back to the basic..
pas2 sgt2 lega ati n prasaan..
then paper IBM, LAW, AIS, MAF lastly TAX..
fuhhh... lega da abis exam..
so skrg dok lek2 je kat umah..
men pesbuk.. men pesbuk.. men pesbuk..
pas2 mkn tdo mkn tdo.. zzzzzzz
k la.. smbg lg tomorrow k!